BASS XXIII Tutorials and Keynote Address presentations:

Keynote AddressJanet WittesLearning from Extroverts, or Assuming Statistical Leadership
M-2Kao-Tai Tsai Joint Modeling of Time-to-and Laboratory Test Data Trial
M-3Richard ZinkUncovering Fraud, Misconduct and Other Data Quality Issues in Clinical Trials
M-4Vancer BergerComparable comparison Groups in Randomized Clinical Trials
M-5Dungang LiuMeta-analysis of Rare Events in Drug Safety Studies: A Unifying Framework for Exact Inference
M-6Gheorghe DorosClinical Trial Designs for Placebo Response in Clinical Trials for Psychiatric Disorders
M-7William R. PruckaInnovative Designs and Analyses for Pediatric Drug Development
Keynote AddressRalph B. D'Agostino, Sr.Comments and Reflections on Issues in Clinical Trials:Both Design and Analysis:Past, Present and Future
T-2Bohdana RatitchAnalysis Strategies for Clinical Trials with Treatment Non-Adherence
T-3Gerhardt Pohl, Anthony ZagarReal World Evidence-Generalizability and Propensity Scoring
T-4Mat D. DavisCurrent and Future States of the DIA Bayesian Scientific Working Group Education Effort
T-5Shankar Srinivasan, Vatsala KarweTepee Plots: A Novel Statistical Descriptive Graphical Technique for Representating Tabular Data
T-6Steven Gilbert, Zorayr ManukyanBayesian Dynamic Borrowing
W-1Yi Ysong and Meiyu Shen Analytical Biosimilar Assessment: Current Practice and Draft Guidance, Three Biosimilar Advisory Committee Meetings & Analytical Biosimilar Assessment: Frequently Discussed Statistical Issues
W-2ShanMei Liao, Bo Jin, Yi Tsong, Meiyu Shen and Cassie(Xiaoyu) Dong Tipping Point Analysis- Considerations for Missing Data in Biosimilars & Biosimilars