BASS XX Tutorials and Keynote Address presentations:

M-1Steve RubergPost-Marketing Safety Assessments The Journey
M-2Amy Xia and Qi JiangStatistical Evaluation of Drug Safety Data
M-3Brian SmithEarly Safety Signal Detection
M-4Viswanath DevanarayanDiscovery & Development of Biomarker Candidates for Drug Development
M-5Roy SaboThe Use of Decreasingly Informative Priors in Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs
M-6Ibrahim TurkozBlinded Evaluations of Effect Sizes in Clinical Trials: Comparisons Between Bayesian and EM Analyses
M-7Neal ThomasMeta-Analysis of Clinical Dose Response in a Large Drug Development Portfolio
T-1Melissa SpannLooking for Clinical Activity in a First-in-Human Study
T-2Feng LiuBetween-Endpoint Predictive Model to Support Phase III Clinical Design
T-3Shanhong GuanOptimal Statistical Design for Phase I Cancer Clinical Trials: A Simulaton Study
T-4Knut M. WittkowskiU-Statistics for Multiple Censored Outcomes with Varying Frequency, Severity, Attribution
T-5Michael DuranteThe Role of Statistical Graphics in Oncology Drug Development-Moving Beyond Scatter Plots and Survival Curves
T-6Qing LiuUnderstanding the FDA Guidance on Adaptive Designs: Historical, Legal, and Statistical Perspectives
Keynote AddressMichael ProschanFDA Advisory Committees: Message to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Academia
W-1Brian MillenDecision Making in Confirmatory Multipopulation Tailoring Trials
W-2Fangyi ZhaoPomaglumetad Methionil: A Case Study in Incremental Learning throughout Clinical Development
W-3Mohamed AloshSubgroup Supportive Evidence for Consistency with the Overall Population Efficacy
W-4Gene PennelloBayesian Hierarchical Models for Subgroup Analysis of Clinical Studies